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• Digital & Interactive Consulting
• Video Production
• Social Marketing & Strategy
• Site Design & Development
• Site Maintenance
• Branding / Logo Design

Rockforward Media
Our Mission:
To help individuals and small business owners to communicate effectively with their audience. Create connections win-win relationships and success for our clients.

Our One-on-One Web Design Process
6 Steps to a Winning Site

1. Define the Site – What You Want the Site to Do?:
We meet one-on-one to discuss your needs, goals and any questions you have about websites and your project. Maybe you want the website to be an online brochure, or maybe you are thinking about integrating a blog into the site? Or how to best incorporate Facebook. This first step will help define the rest of the project.

2. Decide What Gets Built:
We now begin to create all the individual pages in your website. Whether we are writing your content for you, helping you write it, or simply posting what you give us. We make choices about how to capture a database of names, lead the customers through the content and how much time this will take, and what we each need to do. We have found that more times than not even if a client has content prepared it still needs some tweaking.

3. Layout & Design
This segment is where your website starts to take shape and come to life. We will build out a site to and give you an early idea of what it is all going to look like, and changes. Our discussions in the first two steps drives this process. You have already picked out a few websites you like, and we have discussed what is good about them and how to integrate similar features.

4. Development
In this step, development of the actual web pages has started. There’s enough info to make an early version of the functional site, and you will be able to view your website in reality for the first time.

5. Testing
Making sure it all works on all the popular browers is one step, and we also ensure SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is in place, and have test users go on the site and tell us what feels right and what still needs tweaked. We may change a graphic or photo to heighten the impact of a page.  This is the step that, I believe, takes the website from being very good to being great.

6. Make it Live.
The final version is posted and you are now live on the web with your new website.

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